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Install via Docker

The following steps will guide you through the process of installing the OpenHIM using docker images.

  1. Install Docker via terminal curl | sh - Or install Docker using the link below, follow all the steps and most importantly, ensure that there is no previous docker installed while following these instructions.
  2. Install Docker Compose, follow all the steps here and use the recommend example version which is the latest stable release.
  3. Install Git sudo apt install git
  4. Clone the repository for setting up a docker image git clone
  5. Navigate into the repo cd openhim-common
  6. Build the docker images docker-compose build && docker-compose up -d
  7. Access the OpenHIM Console on http://localhost:9000

Note: To configure the IP address the user must do the following sudo nano default.json edit the hostname to be that of the IP address of the docker image.