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ATNA Audit Repository#

The OpenHIM provides full support as an Audit Repository actor in the IHE ATNA profile.

You can make use of this functionality by enabling any of the audit servers in config before starting up the OpenHIM-core:

"auditing": {
"servers": {
"udp": {
"enabled": true,
"port": 5050
"tls": {
"enabled": true,
"port": 5051
"tcp": {
"enabled": true,
"port": 5052

The OpenHIM supports both RFC3881 and DICOM formatted audit events.

The OpenHIM-console has an audit viewer available on the 'Audit Log' page.

ATNA Audit Events#

The OpenHIM will generate audit events on application start, stop, and user authentication. These events can either be sent to the OpenHIM's own internal audit repository, or to an external repository. This can be setup in config by choosing an appropriate interface:

"auditEvents": {
"interface": "tls",
"host": "",
"port": 8888

Options for the interface are: internal, udp, tls and tcp. The host and port do not need to be set for the internal interface.

Note that audit events are generated in RFC3881 format, but see our RFC3881 to DICOM Mediator for converting to DICOM.