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OpenHIM Setup

The Open Health Information Mediator(OpenHIM) is a middleware component designed to allow data transfer between diverse information systems by routing, orchestrating and translating requests as they flow between systems.

Mediator Code Along

Create a Scaffold OpenHIM Mediator and Register it with your local OpenHIM instance.

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All documentation is here

For user and implementor guides please see the sections labelled Docs.
For developer guides please see the section labelled API.

Report a Bug or Request a Feature

OpenHIM Core

The OpenHIM core component is responsible for providing a single entry-point into a system. It is provides, transaction logging, client authentication, ATNA logging, and transaction rerun functionality. Therefore, bug reports and feature requests relating to core functionality can be made in this GitHub repo.


OpenHIM Console

A webApp that provides a management console for the OpenHIM. Therefore, visual bug reports and feature requests for the OpenHIM can be made in this GitHub repo.


Join the Community

OpenHIM Implementors

Below is a link to join the OpenHIM implementers google group

OpenHIE Interoperability

The OpenHIM is a reference technology within the systems architecture defined by the Open Health Information Exchange. Join the interoperability sub-community to help guide the future of the OpenHIM.

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Stay up to date

OpenHIM Core

Star and watch our core repository to keep up with the latest features and security updates.


OpenHIM Console

Star and watch our console repository to keep up with the latest releases.