Version: 8.0.x

Read Task/s

To read existing task records you will need to make a TLS request to the OpenHIM API for the below method and endpoint.

Read all tasks#

Method: GET
Endpoint: {openhim_url}:8080/tasks

Read a specific task#

Method: GET
Endpoint: {openhim_url}:8080/tasks/:taskId


Note: In the examples below, we are using the token authentication type to authenticate requests

Before we can send our request to the OpenHIM API we need to ensure that we construct our valid HTTP headers to successfully authenticate with the OpenHIM API.

Copy the below code at the bottom of your nodejs script that handles the authentication of the OpenHIM headers as described in the authentication section.

Replace the openhimOptions values with the correct implementation details

// append below code to the "openhim-api.js" script containing the authentication methods.
// This is described within the authentication section
(async () => {
const openhimOptions = {
apiURL: 'https://localhost:8080',
apiEndpoint: '/tasks/taskId',
username: '[email protected]',
password: 'openhim-password',
rejectUnauthorized: false
const headers = await genAuthHeaders(openhimOptions)
const options = { method: 'GET',
url: `${openhimOptions.apiURL}${openhimOptions.apiEndpoint}`,
rejectUnauthorized: openhimOptions.rejectUnauthorized,
headers: headers,
qs: {
filterLimit: 4,
filterPage: 0,
filters: {}
request(options, (error, response, body) => {
if (error) throw new Error(error)
statusCode: response.statusCode,

The response status code will be 200 if successful.