Version: 8.0.x

Getting Involved

The OpenHIM serves as a reference technology for the Interoperability Layer in the OpenHIE architecture, and we welcome involvement in the Interoperability Layer community for those looking to participate in discussions and knowledge sharing around the architecture, use of standards and specifications of the Interoperability Layer and the OpenHIM. We hold a monthly call for the Interoperability Layer every third Tuesday of the month (excluding holidays) from 4:00 - 5:00 PM GMT+2. For more information, please visit the community call agendas page.

We use OpenHIE Discourse as our preferred communications and support platform for the OpenHIM. We subscribe to and are bound by the OpenHIE Community Guidelines ( If you have a question about the OpenHIM or would like to get involved, please join the conversation on Discourse using the #openhim tag. We also frequently check the #interoperability-layer and #technical-assistance tags.

For developers looking to log bugs and/or feature requests, you can also add an issue on Github, or submit pull requests for changes that you'd like to see.

For additional support, resources and ways to get involved, please see the OpenHIM Help page.